About this Site

Be the Hero! is a program developed by the Victorian Women's Trust. Thanks to funding from VicHealth, the website has been trialled in groups of young men around Victoria. Results from the trials have helped inform the current content. With further private donor support, the Trust has been able to fund the YWCA Victoria to help roll-out the program.

Program Aims:

  • provide a greater understanding of the extent of violence against women.
  • help identify ways young men can safely be involved in taking a stand against violence against women.

Why 'Be the Hero'?

In developing this site we worked with a group of young male students at Northcote High School, who helped choose the title ‘Be the Hero!’. We think that the majority of men lead good, decent, honourable lives. We want to demonstrate that anyone can ‘be the hero’ by choosing to respect women, and live a life free of violence.

We are conscious that in some sections of this website, we’ve used descriptions that could be perceived to be associated with traditional masculine identities (like ‘courage’, and ‘strength’). These themes have been deliberately chosen to be reframed in terms of a non-violent response. That is, that true courage is about choosing to lead an honourable, decent life, free from violence.

How to Use this Site:

The site aims to generate discussion amongst young men. It can be used by individuals to gain information, but it has been designed primarily for use with small groups of young men who are assisted by male leaders. The trial of the program was in school settings with Year 10 (age 15-16) boys. We recommend using the program with:

  • small groups (8-12) of young men
  • in a mainstream school setting
  • assisted by a male teacher
  • as part of the curriculum which focuses on developing respectful relationships

The detailed teacher notes can be accessed in the Teacher Kit.

For more information contact the Victorian Women's Trust on (03) 9642 0422, or email women@vwt.org.au

IT Requirements:

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