Welcome to Be the Hero!

Be the Hero! is a violence prevention program designed for use in groups of young men. For details about this site, click here. To register a group to access all the interactive parts of the site, click here.  It is recommended that group leaders download and read the Teachers Kit here before commencing the program with a group of young men.

Using violence is a choice

We are all judged by how we act. A person who uses violence might think he is great and powerful but it won’t make him happy or well-liked. Almost certainly, he won’t earn the respect of others.

Imagine. Imagine a world where people – men and women, boys and girls - lived without violence in their personal lives, families and relationships.

Most men are good, decent, honourable human beings.

Good men have got it worked out:

  • They choose the non-violent way

  • They value care and respect

  • They know that there is never an excuse for violence against women

  • They know that bravery and courage are inconsistent with being violent

  • They know that successful personal, family and work relationships are better where there is no violence, bullying or other forms of intimidation

This website aims to help you make choices – and choose the non-violent way.

You can ‘be the hero’ by simply choosing to respect women, and live a life free of violence.

This website will help you:

  • see how big the problem is

  • understand there are other ways of dealing with difficult situations

  • think about what it means to be a decent person in respectful relationships

  • find support services if you need

  • understand there are things you can do to help stop violence against women and girls

By thinking about the sort of man you want to become, you too can be part of a growing movement of men who want to stand up and be counted in rejecting violence.

Violence is preventable. You can be part of the solution.


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